Mindfulness Bell: Some common problems

If you are having problems with the bell ringing (not ringing when leaving the app, lock screen, …) or not ringing at the desired time. Please take a look through the instructions below.

1. Silent/Do not disturb mode

On many devices, when the phone is set to Silent or Do not disturb mode, all applications will be completely silent. Please check and turn it off then try again.

2. Battery saving mode

By default this mode is enabled on many devices. The main idea is to kill all the app that user is not interacting with after a period of time, it even closes the background work in order to save battery. And, because of that, some specific application cannot working properly. Mindfulness Bell need to do a background task to schedule the alarm for bell ringing when the app is not on screen, that why in this mode our app cannot function properly.

In the settings of the phone there will be settings specific to each application. Here you can customize the options related to the power saving mode for that application. For example, you can turn off the Power saving mode only for this application …

Big applications such as Facebook, Twitter… usually have a deal with manufactures to add there app to the white list which is allow to work in saving battery mode by default - no need user to do anything. \n\nThe Mindfulness bell is not so lucky, so do it yourself please.

Due to the fact that Android phones have so many manufacturers with different interface options (Samsung is like this, LG is like that … everyone can make one), so I cannot give you detailed instructions, step by step. Please search on Google or ask your friends how to turn off Power Saving Mode for a specific application.

3. Auto start option/right

Also in the application-specific settings, you will see this function. In some needed cases, your phone operating system will decide to kill any applications. For example, the Mindfulness Bell app is running in the background, and now you open Facebook, then Twitter, Messenger. After a while, due to too many applications being opened, the phone is consuming a lot of resources, so to make sure that the application you use on the screen is not laggy, the operating system will decide to kill some other applications. In this example, Facebook, Twitter and Mindfulness Bell could be killed to ensure that the Messenger app works as well as possible.

The problem is that whenever the app get killed, it is no longer able run some needed background task. For example, in our case the reminder will not be made. So in the application settings section there will be 1 item is "Auto-start". Basically, this permission allows the application to restart at a needed time after get killed. Please check and turn it on.

And the same, I cannot give you detailed instructions, step by step. Please search on Google or ask your friends how to turn on Auto Start for a specific application. One note that this doesn`t exist on some devices - then just ignore it.

4. Sound volume

On many devices you will see an option to adjust sound volume for each channel (media, notification..). The app is using Media channel volume, make sure to give it a value not zero which is silent.

5. Remember to turn on the Bell

Not a common issue, but someone got into this already. So, please make sure that you turn on the switcher - The text showing as 'Running' means then bell now activating.

If you need more help, please drop me an email at langhoangal@gmail.com. I'll try my best to support you. Thank you!